Seasonal Gifts
For 2017 Holiday Orders Please order by December 15th. Thank you! Most of the marzipan products are made to order, so they always arrive fresh. Some seasonal and popular items are made on a regular basis and are ready for immediate shipment. My main goal is to provide my customers with the highest quality marzipan, both in taste and appearance. Please check back often to view traditional marzipan designs and new offerings that change with the holidays and the seasons.

1 Marzipan Lucky Pig


12 Frog Princes in a Gift Box


12 Piece Easter Egg Gift Box


18 Piece Fall Assortment Gift Box


24 Easter Eggs in a Gift Box


24 Piece Euro Fruit Gift Box


4 Snowmen and 1 Santa


5 Marzipan Lucky Pigs


5 Piece Fruit Gift Box


5 Piece Vegetable Gift Box


5 Santa Gift Bags


6 Piece Fall Assortment Gift Box


6 Snowmen


9 Piece Euro Fruit Gift Box


Christmas Sampler - Bulk

Sale Item!


Dozen Ladybugs in a Gift Box


Dozen Pink Marzipan Roses Gift Box


Dozen Red Marzipan Roses Gift Box


Easter Sampler - Bulk


Fall Leaves Gift Box


Flower Medallions Gift Box


Four Assorted Easter Gift Bags


Fruits, Veggies & Animal Assortment - Bulk


Large Fruit Crate


Large Vegetable Crate


Large Watermelon Slice


Marzipan Penguin with Top Hat


Santa Gift Box


Small Flower Medallions Gift Box


Small Fruit Crate