What Is Marzipan?
Marzipan is an Old-World European confection that transforms almonds and sugar into an endless variety of edible creations. At Marzipan Confections we use only fresh premium California almonds and less sugar than many other marzipan manufacturers.

The almond paste is mixed with different types of sugars to give the marzipan the proper sweetness, texture, and the ability to be molded and painted. The marzipan dough is then flattened, cut, and rolled into uniformly sized balls using German and Swiss machines made especially for these purposes. Each marzipan ball is then individually shaped. Pieces such as pears and eggplants are hand-rolled. Other fruits and vegetables require the use of simple shaping tools and textured boards. The more complicated shapes such as animals are pressed into food-grade silicone or metal molds. Some shapes such as the Santa or snowmen are made entirely by hand using only shaping tools. Color is added by air-brushing or incorporating using USDA-approved food coloring.

Marzipan contains ALMONDS, and people who are allergic to almonds or nuts should not consume marzipan products. Our recipe does not use flour or eggs and is gluten free.

Marzipan is nonperishable and needs no refrigeration. Marzipan will slowly begin to lose moisture once it is exposed to air and will stay freshest if it is wrapped in plastic. It is best stored at room temperature (68 F), 55% relative humidity, and away from sunlight.