About Marzipan Confections
Marzipan has been enjoyed for centuries by many cultures because of its delightful flavor and its ability to be formed into an endless variety of shapes. It has been a staple in the holiday traditions and celebrations of many European countries and cultures and has come to be enjoyed all over the world.

Since 2003, Beate Christoph has continued using the recipe created by Edith and Joe Nendl, the original founders of Marzipan Confections. As pastry chefs and confectioners, the Nendl's had originally come from Germany and Austria, bringing with them their recipes, European training, and artistry. Edith and Joe had been in the business of making marzipan, fine chocolates, and pastries for more than 50 years when they decided to retire. Beate trained under the Nendl's and learned their "secret recipe" for marzipan, the art of shaping and coloring the marzipan. Over the years Beate has been perfecting her craft and adding new marzipan shapes, designs and creations for you to enjoy.

The goal at Marzipan Confections is to continue a tradition that the Nendl's began over 50 years ago, to create the highest quality and most delightful marzipan possible.